“Words Have Power”

Let’s be people of courage by speaking positive, hopeful words into the situation! by Rev. Diane Ury

Proverbs 26:20-22

Are you feeling weak or powerless these days? In addition to feeling a constant presence of some level of confusion, I’ve also been vulnerable to wondering if I’m of any practical worth. Proverbs addresses the topic of our speech as much as anything because it is so powerful. We all have mouths (or writing devices) through which we can yield untold power. We do have immeasurable worth!

Gossip or “whispering” is speaking about a person when that person is not present or in a conversation. The biblical rule is very simple:

If the person is not listening in, you may not speak about them in any negative way whatsoever. Even if it’s true.

This applies to our families, our church, our workplace – every situation. What we say about a leader or co-worker or family member will take root in the hearer’s heart; it’s nearly impossible to extract the impression. The Bible is very clear that we will be held accountable for damaging someone’s reputation with our words.

A greater show of strength is the person who will shut down gossip by their lack of contribution to the fire. I think we’re just as accountable for listening to and believing gossip as we are for speaking it. Better yet, let’s be people of courage by speaking positive, hopeful words into the situation. 

The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life.

Proverbs 10:11

We can change the future course of our home, church and place of work positively! There’s nothing powerless about that.


Lord Jesus, this thing about my words scares me because I seem to not be able to control them, and yet this is so important. I’m asking You right now to cleanse my mouth. Make me a safe person and an entryway for You to bring wholeness to every place I live in. Amen.

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